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Germany Shell Gold 23.75 Kt. (Small) [564]
Germany Shell Gold 23.75 Kt. (Small) [564]
Price: $69.00
In icon painting, shell gold can be used to touch-up gilding, and to paint fine lines and golden decoration. Our shell gold is genuine gold powder suspended in gum arabic and formed into little circular shapes that look like small (about 0.25 to 0.5 inch diameter) watercolor blocks. It's expensive, but a little shell gold covers more than you'd think. Shell gold is available in 22,23, and 24 karats (Russian), and in 0.3, 0.4 and 1 gram sizes. Our small shell gold is 23.75 karats, weighs 0.4 grams, and comes in a round plastic tray. Shell gold is applied with a soft-hair brush like paint, and when dry has a finely grained, matte finish. It can be brightened up quite a lot with burnishing, but it can never quite equal the brilliance of gold leaf. When using shell or powdered gold, reserve a brush just for its use, so as to avoid washing the gold down the drain. Store the brush and shell gold tablet in the same plastic bag. Water soluble for touch-up. Small 0.32 grams Made in Germany