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Glass Muller [486]
Glass Muller [486]
Extra Heavy Glass Muller Functional Simplicity - The Muller is a beautifully hand made object of solid borosilicate glass with a perfectly ground flat base used to grind paints by hand. Grinding is done flat on a hard slab surface of glass or stone. The glass I use for making the muller is medical grade borosilicate Pyrex® glass, autoclave safe, non-porous, and 100% lead-free. The Glass Muller is used for grinding pigment and dispersing the pigment into an oil or water base. It is used on an even grinding surface such as glass or marble. The base of the Muller is ground perfectly flat and has a fine tooth surface that is ideal for grinding pigment. Available in your choice of a 2" or 4" diameter at base Made in Germany